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Amplify the knowledge on your campus with video.

In all aspects of education, video is playing an increasingly important role. For today’s students, online anytime instruction is a staple, not a luxury. Faculty use video to take courses to the next level, increasing engagement and student achievement. Administrators facilitate staff development, preserve campus knowledge and events and offer competitive programs.

The most popular video applications in education

Lecture Capture


Professional Development

Flipped & Blended Learning


Flipped & Blended Learning


Campus Events

Marketing & Outreach

One Platform for all your Video

The Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform is the most automated and scalable system for creating, publishing, searching and managing all of your video. It lets you focus on the bigger picture – transforming education, accelerating training, personalizing communications and amplifying your organization’s knowledge.

Boost Student Achievement and Retention

Today’s student thrives on interactive learning and demands around-the-clock access to course content. We hear it every day. Integrating video into course instruction provides engaging and memorable learning experiences and lets students learn at their own pace. The bottom line, video boosts learning outcomes, from enhanced grades to improved comprehension and higher retention rates.

Launch a Unified Campus Video Library

Capture all important knowledge, communication and events on campus with video and bring it all together on one highly searchable and scalable platform. With a central place to store all academic video, everyone will have knowledge at their fingtertips in a consistent format that’s rich and engaging. Access video through a secure YouTube-esque environment or integrate within your LMS – your choice. Either way, the ability to create, manage and access video-based content is made simple with our platform. The result for you is a living library of video that can be accessed any time on any device.

Stay Competitive with Flexible Programs that Reach More Students

Whether its online programs, continuing education or simply extending existing courses, Mediasite will help you reach more students and at the same time, make them feel more connected to campus and faculty. Being able to offer flexibility is a must to recruit today’s student and video plays a big part in making sure they can access course content whenever they need it.

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