Video Corporate Communications

Deliver your internal or external communications through engaging and interactive video broadcasts

Corporate video communication empowers your organization to deliver more efficient messages, to your wide-spread audience more simplify and more cost-effectively.

With internal communication as one of the biggest challenges for companies, its critical to ensure that your messages are clear, consistent and connected for your audience.  Video is becoming the new email, memo or meeting solution, as we provide increasingly simple, easy-to-use, automated, engaging and interactive live streaming experience for our customers and their viewers.

Effective corporate communications requires that the target audience enjoy easy, convenient and timely access to information. WebcastCloud’s High quality Webcasting facilitates this exact requirement.

WebcastCloud delivers live and on-demand Events, Video Cloud Hosting or on-premise solutions to organizations large and small – ASX listed companies to startup business, government agencies, pharmaceutical & healthcare companies, member associations and educational institutions.


Town Hall Briefings

Town Hall meetings are great for employee morale, but can be a costly exercise when you have multiple offices or need to hire another venue to fit all your staff.

Webcasting your Town Hall meetings allows all your staff to watch and interact from their remote location, or with their team from your office break-out or meeting rooms. Your staff will feel as if they are there in the rooms, as we simulate the real-life experience by delivering all visual elements to your online audience.

CEO Updates

Empower your CEO and Executive Team to engage your staff regularly through Monthly webcast updates.

Simply launch the webcast on-premise with your own staff using our webcast technology, or bring in our WebcastCloud Events team as required.

Your staff can watch from their desk, mobile device, or as a group from screens in your breakout or meeting rooms.




AGM and Investor Relations webcasts

With more than 10 years experience delivering thousands of live AGM and Investor Relations webcasts, you can be confident in WebcastCloud’s team delivering your next Results Webcast online.

We make it as simple as possible for your presenters and executive team, as we capture all of your presentation material as its presented – so no need to provide us your slide deck in advance.  This can be critical as market conditions or corporate information needs to be updated days before the event. Viewers can ask questions live or on-demand through the media interface, which is simply moderated onsite with our events team.

WebcastCloud deliver the most engaging online experience for shareholders, analysts, internal and external viewers, with the fastest industry turnaround for your on-demand videos.

Marketing Roadshows & Events

Engage your customers online through a live and interactive webcast, bringing your leadership and technical team closer to your end users.

WebcastCloud can manage your whole production, work with your existing audio visual team or even remotely run a live stream from within your offices.  We can pre-record specialized content to mix into the live feed, and deliver a combination of video, audio and presentation data and desktop feeds to your live viewers. Whilst we ensure that your marketing efforts are capitalized on as we edit and publish your on-demand videos within minutes of your live broadcast finishing, allow your viewers who ‘just missed’ the webcast to jump on and view the on-demand whilst it is front of mind.




Why WebcastCloud for your organisation?

WebcastCloud simplifies the way you can deliver your CEO updates, Town Halls, Shareholder meetings, Investor Relations updates and educational webinars.

We record your speakers’ audio and video, synchronised with their visual aids and instantly stream the presentation over the internet. No need to provide us with your slide deck in advance.  We capture everything as its presented.  Your presenters can just focus on presenting, and make last minute changes as they require.

  • WebcastCloud Hosting – allows you to upload, edit, secure and manage all your own video assets through your central video admin portal.  No need to engage external production or streaming companies each and every time. Deliver your messages simply, cost-effectively and in a timely manner.

  • Live Broadcast with your own on-premise streaming appliances.

  • Securely broadcast your video communications to your office locations with on-premise servers or secure hosting features such as IP and Domain Whitelisting, so only your staff can access your streams.

  • Integrate with your staff directories, corporate intranet or Learning Management System.

  • Advanced Analytics from your live and on-demand webcasts, including registrations, time watched and heat graphs to dive into the key interest points of your presentation.

  • Turn-around your on-demand video within minutes, not hours of the live broadcast finishing. Your sessions are available on-demand before we have packed up and left the venue.

  • Build a central library of videos for your organisation by generating your own dedicated Enterprise “You-Tube” Video Channel.

  • Host and distribute other video files from 3rd party platforms such as Video Conference Recordings, GoToMeeting records and other media files.

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