Desktop Recorder, Video Upload & Web-Editing

Anytime, Anywhere, Desktop Capture and Video Upload


MyMediasite Portal

Empower faculty, trainers, staff or students to create and share video, training modules, lectures or assignments wherever they are. My Mediasite is a friendly launch pad for users to record, upload, manage and publish their own video content using:

  • Mediasite Desktop Recorder
  • Mediasite Upload
  • Mediasite Editor


MyMediasite Desktop Recorder

Using a laptop or computer’s camera and microphone, easily record high quality video and rich media including:

  • Screencasts with audio
  • Slideshows with video
  • Slideshows with audio

Then automatically publish all recordings to Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform.

mymediasitevideouploadMedia Upload

Use the camera on your iPad or iPhone to capture and save video directly to Mediasite. Or upload any Flash, QuickTime, AVI, Windows Media or MPEG-4 video recorded with other devices. Once uploaded, all your content has a secure managed home in Mediasite.

And even better, Mediasite makes all uploaded video instantly searchable and navigable. It indexes any text in the content and auto-generates thumbnail navigation – turning previously “flat” video into rich, interactive content that can be watched on any device from laptops and desktops to tablets and smart phones.


Media Web Editor

Edit or touch up video with the easy-to-use, web-based Mediasite Editor. No need to download and store videos on your desktop.  Simply edit your content online.
  • Crop or cut video
  • Incorporate transitions
  • Add, delete or replace slides
  • Add chapter, and more…

Plus, establish content approval workflows that enable other authorized users to review, comment, edit and approve content before it’s published.


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