Capture and Stream your next Event

No matter how big or small your event, webcastcloud’s Events Team will ensure its a success

Webcastcloud will equip you with our experienced Events Services team who will manage and work on-site for your event webcast.  You simply schedule your venue and speakers, and our team will take care of the rest.

The webcastcloud events team can lead the project management of your event, or we can join forces with your Production or Audio Visual provider, to deliver an outstanding online experience.

We provide event webcasting services for conferences, meetings and gatherings of all sizes – including the ability to orchestrate large online events or manage thousands of hours of on-demand content for education, training and marketing.

Record & Synchronise Slides on the Fly

webcastcloud record your speakers’ audio and video, synchronised with their visual aids and instantly streams the presentation over the internet. No need to provide us with your slide deck in advance.  We capture everything as its presented.  Your presenters can just focus on presenting, and make last minute changes as they require.

Live Stream to Desktop & Mobile Devices

With HTML5 Webcast Players and Automatic Device Detection, Instantly stream your presentations over the internet for viewers to watch anytime, anywhere – from laptop to mobile devices.

With support for Adaptive Bit Rate Smooth Streaming we ensure your viewers have a seamless smooth viewing experience, avoiding buffering and loading delays.

Rely on our trained team

With more than 10 years experience delivering thousands of live streams for leading companies and events in Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States, you can be confident in webcastcloud’s team delivering your next event online.

With a global market leading webcast platform, local service and support, highly-available distributed network and infrastructure, and a team of skilled and knowledgeable technicians, we have perfected a system to make your hybrid or virtual event an online success.


Mobile Streaming

Stream to any user on any device. Mediasite intelligently detects each user’s device and available bandwidth for optimized playback every time.


Audience Engagement

webcastcloud noticeably enhances engagement, learning and retention with the highest quality video plus slide content, polls, ask-a-question, resource links and powerful in-video search.



Custom Branding and Layouts to suit our webcast to suit your corporate branding and event delivery.

webcastcloud MultiView_MultipleSources

Multiple Presentation Sources

With unique MultiView technology, it’s easy to transform complex concepts or live events into engaging online video, with recording and streaming up to four HD content sources simultaneously.

webcastcloud datacentre


webcastcloud’s Australian Based, highly-scalable & redundant infrastructure, ensures your event can be deliver efficiently to thousands of online viewers.


Accessible and Complies

Accessibility Support for visually impaired viewers and Closed Captioning for hearing impaired viewers.