Create community conversations through your branded video channel

Build your library of videos to continue conversations with your viewers, and create a unique, branded, engaging and memorable online experience

Create engagement between members or customers

Share knowledge across the organization

Foster strong corporate identity

Increase contact & engagement

Create brand credibility as a quality education provider

Grow revenue through pay-per-view and subscriptions

Become the ‘go to’ portal for knowledge and education

video channel features

Your own dedicated and branded enterprise “You Tube” video channel

Allow any user to upload videos to your public or secure library

Publish videos to different channels and audiences

Live stream your events, conferences, webinars and meetings

Allow viewers to share your public videos with social media applications

Restrict access to different groups and members

Support Single Sign-On (SSO) with SAML 2.0

Engage your viewers with Interactivity features such as Chat & Commenting

Support personlisation through other video recommendations

Allow users to create their own playlists

Monetize your videos with Pay-Per-View

Flexible pricing packages for single videos, channels or member groups

Use content-approval-workflows to approve new videos in your library

Deliver video your way

Video Upload

Upload any recorded video from any device, and start sharing with your online community.  Add descriptions, speakers, tags, categories to your videos, whilst we will automatically add optical character recognition and speech-to-text for advanced search.

Live and On-Demand Video

Simply run your live broadcasts, webcasts or webinars from the one video channel, making it simple for your customers to access your live and on-demand videos from one central location.


Monetize your video assets by enabling Pay-Per-View on your video channel.  Make available a combination of free, member only and pay-per-view videos, with different pricing models for members,non-members and subscribers.

Branded Video Community

WebcastCloud video channel’s can be customized and white-labelled to suit the look-and-feel of your corporate website or intranet, whilst offering ease of access for your users via single sign-on.

Continue your conversations through your online community

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