Video Conference Capture and Streaming

Extend the reach of your next video conference meeting or event

Webcast your next video conference call, and allow your online viewers to simply watch via a web-browser on their PC, Mac or Mobile Device.

Simple schedule your next video conference meeting with us, and we will dial into your next video conference call and facilitate the live streaming to your extended online audience.

Schedule your Video Conference, and we will take care of the rest

  • Record multi-point H.323 calls with synchronized H.239 content

  • Reduce the Audio Visual costs by utilising your existing video conferencing equipment

  • Distribute our meeting online to viewers who dont have access to a video conferencing meeting space

  • Secure your video conference webcast with user registration, passcode protection or IP-secure streaming

  • Live stream Video and Audio from your point-to-point or bridged video call, aswell as your Presentation Data

  • Allow webcast viewers to interactive via Questions from the webcast player

  • Once your event has been schedule, we will provide you with a URL/weblink to send to your live webcast audience

  • We will customise the webcast Player to suit the branding and look-and-feel of your organisation and the event.





webcastcloud Video Conference Streaming


Learn how to extend the reach of your video conference?