Enterprise Video Channel

Showcase your library of videos with your unique branded video website


Deliver your enterprise video’s to your online audience with a customized and branded video channel that follows the design and branding guidelines for your business.



  • Allow staff to simply login and upload new videos to your public video library.

  • Publish videos to different channels and audiences

  • Support live streaming to your video portal using the Mediasite Recorder or outsource to the webcastcloud Events Team 

  • Allow viewers to share your public videos with social media applications

  • Restrict access to different groups and members

  • Support Single Sign-on with SAML 2.0

  • Monetize your videos with different pricing structures available for members, non-members, and channels of videos

  • Use content-approval-workflows to approve new video’s in your library


Deliver video your way

Live and On-Demand Video

Simply run your live broadcasts, webcasts or webinars from the one video channel, making it simple for your customers to access your live and on-demand videos from one central location.


Monetize your video assets by enabling Pay-Per-View on your video channel.  Make available a combination of free, member only and pay-per-view videos, with different pricing models for members,non-members and subscribers.

Corporate branded portal

webcastcloud can customize your video portal to look-and-feel like your corporate website. Seamlessly integrate with your public website or intranet, and support single sign-on with your member of staff directories.